2021/09/15 06:48 AM – D1 – WATCH CLUSTER @ 47’900 !

BTCUSD – D1 – WATCH CLUSTER @ 47’900 ! by Ironman_8848 on TradingView.com

Good morning, today we are going to look at the daily picture which yesterday, on a closing basis, triggered 
a  bullish engulfing pattern. 
Indeed, as mentioned in my previous analysis (see related ideas below) I highlighted, the importance of the clouds 
support zone on this D1 time frame and you can see the confirmation on the chart. 
Clouds once again worked perfectly well, this time as a  support zone which triggered this recovery seen yesterday. 
So what next ? 
Despite this nice yesterday’s move,  BTCUSD remains under the influence of this long  bearish black candle of Sept 7th with 
a very strong  resistance area (cluster around 47’900 which should be clearly broken on a daily closing).
As long as this cluster is not broken, the pressure remains on the downside, we are currently facing a minor resistance which was 
the former congestion bottom seen over a couple days at the end of August. 
1) On the upside, a sustainable move above the cluster of 47’900 should be seen as a first warning signal which would neutralise the ongoing  
downside risk and open the door first for the psychological 50’000 level ahead of former high @ 52’956 
2) On the downside, a failure to stay and hold above 46’000 on a closing basis would trigger a dark cloud clover and put the focus once again 
on the daily top clouds  support area , currently @ 45’000 
Watch shorter time frames : 
On H4, currently trying to breakout the clouds  resistance area and on H1 there is a  bearish divergence which has been confirmed; on H1 watch at 
46’900 ahead of 46’700 ( MBB )
 of a warning confirmation for a reversal calling potentially for a return towards 46’250 and a failure to hold above this level 
would directly put the focus on the 45’000 area, daily target on the downside ! 
Have a great day and all the best 
Take care 

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