Jean-Pierre Bürki

Technical Analyst

depuis 1991

Member of:




Sales and Market Maker
Capital Market
Trader multi products
Technical Analyst


Vice President

Senior FX Advisor
Senior Technical Analyst
In charge of the Technical Analysis for the wordwide JPM Private Banking Division


Member of Management

Head of FX & Treasury
In charge of Technical Analysis for the Investment Committee and the Asset


Business Manager

Transition Coach for more than 250 Relationship
Managers & Assistants
Successfully achieved 4 strategic projects


A mountain man in the soul, having a mind of steel and always seeking for excellence.

Jean-Pierre Bürki

Mental attitude

“There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”

  • 1991 - Swiss Rally Championship - Rallye de St-Cergue
  • 1994 – Swiss Rally Championship – Rallye de St-Cergue
  • 1995 – Swiss Rally Championship – Rallye des Alpes Vaudoises
  • 1987 – European Interbancario – Val d’Isère (F)
  • 2010 – PDG – Patrouille des Glaciers
  • 2010 – PDG – Patrouille des Glaciers

Sport experience & hobbies

A former rally driver (Swiss Rally Championship and French Rally Championship).

A former downhill ski racer (Interbancario – European Banks ski Championship).

Took part in the “PDG” Patrouille des Glaciers. (Arolla-Verbier).

Regularly practice of : Ski touring, Downhill ski. Mountain climbing, Mountain biking. Fitness, Indoor climbing, SUP and Golf.

A former Swiss Army Officer, Alpine troops.