BTCUSD – D1 – THE WONDERFUL MAGICAL POWER OF THE CLOUDS ! by Ironman_8848 on TradingView.com

Good morning !

Today we are going to look at the Daily picture which is showing you the magical power of the clouds. 

Indeed, yesterday’s price action triggered a second long black candle ( bearish signal continuation) which pushed the  BTC overnight towards a low of 40’193 which coincides roughly to the bottom of the clouds  support zone ! 

Magic isnt’it 🙂 

I would answer, not really, it is factual… 

Indeed, in looking carefully at the recent price action on this  daily chart (see my yesterday’s analysis below  BTC – D1 – CLOUDS UNDER ATTACK), we can clearly see a downside acceleration following the breakout of the “minor” daily uptrend support, which triggered this overnight selloff ! 

After having reached 40’193,  RSI  bullish divergence occurred on H1 time frame which triggered this “corrective” recovery in a broad well established downtrend !!! 

Indeed, strategic pressure remains to the downside and in order to neutralize this risk, the  BTC should quickly recover and hold, at least above 44’000 ! 

So far, recent price action is purely corrective, providing, very short term tactical buying opportunity which, if initiated, should be, once again, monitored in using trailing stop losses !!! 

Looking at the weekly picture, the Mid  Bollinger Band , currently @ 40’770 has been touched and this level should also be seen as a good barometer on a weekly closing basis in this time frame. 


On D1, watch upcoming price action, currently neutral, roughly in the middle of the clouds; a breakout, one way or the other of the daily clouds (40000 on the downside and 45600 on the upside), will give the direction for further development, targeting respectively : 

on the upside, former highs around 49’000  

on the downside, the 36’000-35’000 area, being the weekly clouds bottom and also a former congestion zone seen between May to July 2021 in W1 time frame too. 

Watch intraday time frames to get early signal (s) which will help you to validate or invalidate scenarios expected previously exposed. 

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